Gaia•Touch exercises were inspired by elemental and other beings of different sacred places of the Earth. They offer them to fellow human beings to help us to attune better to the multidimensional nature of our home planet and its beings, belonging to different levels of reality.

The exercises represent a combination of body movements and imaginations, a kind of Yoga dedicated to cooperation with Gaia and her consciousness. I started to perceive and formulate the Gaia Touch exercises one by one after the year 1998 when the Earth transformation process started to reveal itself. By Earth transformation I do not mean the shadow side only identified as climate change. According to my perception it is a process through which new conditions of life are emerging on the planet with a new more subtle space and time structure. I believe that the Mother of Life decided to set these changes into motion to prevent the vital capacities of the Earth from being destroyed.

To be able to continue enjoying the beauty and creative challenges of this planet we have to adapt to changes – not just spiritually but also bodily. The purpose of the Gaia Touch exercises is to stimulate personal development in order to be able to attune to the new emerging reality individually as well as collectively.

Gaia Touch exercises are a form of cosmograms, which means a form of the universal language which can be perceived not just by human but also by other beings of the Earth and the universe. Their authentic power is generated by the consciousness and beings of those sacred places that inspired them – they are usually mentioned in the commentaries to single exercises. The exercises work also in the opposite direction. By performing a Gaia Touch exercise one supports the given place and its beings in their striving to reveal the true identity of the place and to support its unique service to life. I see Gaia Touch as part of a large planetary movement set in motion to create a new kind of civilization on Earth which I call Geaculture

It is important to know that Gaia Touch exercises work through interaction between the body movements and our capacity of imagination. It is not needed to have always in mind the background of the given exercise while performing it. Yet it is necessary to know what the purpose of a given exercise is and which are moments need to be supported by our imagination. Enter the world of the given exercise without projections and allow yourself to be carried by its wings. I hope that more and more people will join the Gaia Touch movement world wide and that groups will form to carry out these exercises on a permanent basis, sharing their experiences and dedicating to relevant themes.

Following this aim, we organise training for those who would like to integrate Gaia Touch into their daily lives or would like to organise a group, together with my collaborator Peter Frank of the Hagia Chora School of Geomancy and others from LifeNet.

Marko Pogačnik

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Gaia Touch Exercises for transformation
with Marko Pogačnik

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