Meditation of the Month 20th July 2017 - 20th August 2017 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace 


The traditional human identity based upon the hierarchical principle “spirit-soul-personality” does not work anymore. Different religions position God at the highest point of the hierarchy and consequently demand that people obey their rules, claiming them to come from God. On the other hand, personality is claimed to be the only authority in one’s life and this leads to massive egocentric excesses.

To give an impulse for change, the horizontal aspect of human identity should be experienced and integrated, which means: 

  1. To give loving attention to other beings with whom we share life embodied upon the Earth more often – our fellow human beings included. This is a practical aspect and needs a conscious decision to stand for it.

  2. To develop a deeper relationship to the realms with which we share common ancestors and therefore are an important part of our human identity. I have in mind the subtle fairy worlds and the evolution of water as a collective being that makes our existence in the manifested world possible. Also everywhere within the life net that the organism of microbes is distributed is part of this story.

Concerning the point 2 my proposal is to use the portal of the heart to enter the archetypal worlds behind your back and start exploring one or the other of the proposed realms of the human identity. Look how these two aspects fit into your integrity. Be aware that by working on enlarging human identity we help also our fellow human and other beings to find their own freedom.


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