Meditation of the Month 20th November 2017 - 20th December 2017 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace 


The Earth can be imagined as a cluster of autonomous spheres revolving around the divine core of Gaia, the source of life. Yet according to the holographic principle the core of the Earthly universe is positioned not only at the centre of the Earth’s cluster but also at the core of each of her worlds and each of her beings.

The purpose of the meditation is to experience oneself at the centre of the newly reorganised Earthly universe as well as at the centre of the human world - it comprises the world of embodied human beings and the one also inhabited by our human ancestors/descendants.

  • Be present and dive into your silence.

  • Become aware that the cluster of colourful spheres of the Earthly universe is centred within you. Find the focus of its presence within your body.

  • If needed work on its proper centring – focussing in your heart centre or perhaps at the point of the perfect presence deep within the temple of your belly.

  • Be present there and be aware of the Earth’s spherical worlds (or your individual body spheres) evolving around your chosen centre.

 Another possibility is to experience oneself at the centre of the two hemispheres of the human world already mentioned. They should be interconnected again.

Be for a while the interconnecting link between them and contribute to those of the human family.

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